EZTV fashion appearance, the crystallization of wisdom


EZTV, compact and stylish appearance, a large number of video resources, most interactive games, dual coreprocessor, more out of the ordinary. This product is EZTV specifically for the electronic commerce custom is an on-line sales models, compact body, high-end, the appearance of the atmosphere, not only by the android4.2 operating system, using the most advanced easyROM, dual core processor, is more superiority, power saving, low power consumption, high efficiency, intelligent is true have a fever models.

The appearance of fashion, the crystallization of wisdom, EZTV is the crystallization of the wisdom of our engineers,their continuous innovation, constantly revised, only to make users satisfied appearance. Our products arethoroughly tempered, built out of the fine, every day they are constantly thinking, constantly communicate, do a good job in every detail, this product not only powerful, but stylish compact, a rare counterparts in the living room. The machine started the EZTV product fashion the appearance of the first.

Today, when her from across the US, we have been the highlight of the gorgeous appearance and fashion of the infection. Shell, small black fashionable fuselage, outlines its fashionable temperament. There is a button camera the size of family, regardless of where you can whenever and wherever possible, through video chat, television day I sit down to talk, let our family to share the sour, sweet, bitter, hot day, she is like a beacon in the darkness of the heart,in the heart always warm our heart share of family, with EZTV we live zero distance. All this to the EZTV covered with a small, delicate, elegant, beautiful, fashionable gorgeous coat, no matter what style of furniture decoration, can with the perfect fusion, like nature itself -- highest quality.

It is also the perfect support for video, broadcast, video, games, Internet access and other functions, both videoresources, or play in response to express and operation convenience, can give us a beautifully entertainment experience. So EZTV both the hardware and software, is a perfect combination of EZTV, he is the crystallization of the wisdom of all the people, EZTV to "make science more accessible, Chinese can do" for the mission, committed to global customers to provide first-class products and services, they are to make the technology more easily, let our life more relaxed, happy.

EZTV is a living room be pretty and intelligent microcomputer, not only the appearance of fashion, software and hardware performance was splendid, video resources are abundant, the operation is very convenient.

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