EZTV more stable, more smooth, more easy to use, and more powerful ROM

EasyROM is the most advanced ROM box, more stable, more smooth, more easy to use, more powerful.

As a leading living room microcomputer business --EZTV, with their own unique advantages in the market and have achieved good sales, and let the user repeatedly praised.

In their efforts to engineer continually, easyROM2.0 has played an important role in the performance of the EZTV.Blue blue, minimalist, easyROM provides clean ROM space, the application of plug-in every third party are perfectlycompatible. Engineers carefully tailored and depth optimization easyROM brought more unique experience, according to the Chinese user habits, independent original set of user experience in UI system. Closer to you use and mental habits, let you use the operation more easily, more fluid. Bring the TV operation interface is more beautiful, the ultimate personality sensory experience for you.

EasyROM is standing in the user's point of view through the optimal depth custom box ROM. Is a EZTV customizedproducts, so that the living room computer in use process more humane.

The function of easyROM is divided into several modules, movie and TV, game, recommended application, preview,other, setting, which integrates the massive HD movies, TV series, and a variety of independent research and development of the game, for a special application is easyROM, a EZTV team customized ROM is quite perfect in theapplication of compatibility, users can easily install all kinds of smooth, stable, and can be used in the process of operation.

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