EZTV dripping fun TV experience

As we on the TV of the increasingly high demand, always want to watch TV, there is a function that we no longer worry, no longer constrained, the TV serial is again common however of affair, if you expect to have such a function to help you track? We have become accustomed to on the computer to see a large, after the. But if there is a large screen the better choice, what is there against it? Want to know to nest on the sofa or in bed to enjoy large than yousit in front of the computer screen staring at a much better. So for the TV Master, what kind of HD products more appropriate?

My suggestion is that, for Master chase play, network television set-top box products Android application the best choice for a rich cyber source and mass. The reason is very simple: Cyber source, chase play Master are alsochasing more drama, for download based local playback is not convenient. Moreover, local playback products in general is a picture as a selling point, the price is generally higher, if the goal is just to chase play if the price is not high. Now EZTV with high price make a EZTV for you, you want us to have.

EZTV watch TV or movies every time, can record both to individuals in the center, the next time you watch, heautomatically jump to the last time you end position, so you don't have to go to the previous day or a few days ago to see where, if encountered recently updated when the drama, you can a key to set the chase play, every time theupdate will inform you the first time.

But Android application for chase play Master is indispensable, no matter is the preference of video website client,chase play weapon "quick look", or hot tower defense game "to defend the radish," 3D game "racing fever" or is an essential travel "Baidu map", office software "WPS", as long as the compatible with Android intelligent overall systemcan realize free download and install, at the same time, Android intelligent system for multi screen interactiveunpopular, mobile phone control provides a platform, let the holiday life in addition to chase play can have more.

EZTV exquisite in appearance, but also a strong core. The quad core CPU, the speed and performance of doublepromotion, the boot speed is the speed experience, bring you joy and watch TV. Because the system processing ability strong, operation, higher sensitivity, running various Android application, more handy. Dual core speed brings not only the speed increase, more entertainment

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