EZTV focus on the product itself, pragmatic to each product

EZTV dual core intelligent room microcomputer not the concept of speculation, but focus on the product itself,pragmatic to each product, the user experience to win the favor and trust with high performance price ratio andexcellent user!

As A Well-Known Trademark in China enterprise, EZTV video converter has ten years of work history, in the steady development at the same time, EZTV is also accompanied by the growth of one generation, from durable DVD, tocontinue selling HD player, Blu ray players, EZTV has focused on audiovisual terminals playback device, and is committed to HD audio and visual enjoyment to thousands of households! In the information age, EZTV the perfect combination of the network and the audiovisual terminal equipment, the world's first Intel scheme based on networkmovie player, the forward-looking technology research and development, make "EZTV" to the user in the eyes of theold brand has been rejuvenated again!

EZTV thaw sets "dual core, intelligent, online on demand and live" advantage as a whole, is committed to creating ahome entertainment terminal high grade. Whether young people in hot pursuit of the dual core speed, massiveAndroid application, or the whole family love online VOD and live broadcast, EZTV can meet one one!

EZTV dual core CPU, dual core GPU, double the performance of engine, leap, speed, high sensitivity and highoperation! EZTV equipped with the latest Android 4.2 system, the mass Studio Entertainment, lifestyle, education services, all kinds of game applications, enjoy the download! Android application is running various, dual core and also ensures that the smoothness and stability, has excellent user experience! Run the Sokoban, monkeys swingempty, landlords and other Android game without pressure, the game fun for the whole family to share!

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