Convenient easyrom system

Self-developed easyROM ensures stable system, fluent and easy operation.
One key to homepage. Browse website, check email and leave video message etc.
Wireless keyboard and mouse brings convenient enjoyment.

  • Hot recommendation
  • Movies
  • Android APP
  • 大型游戏,轻松撑控
  • 设置一体化,轻松上手
  • POP
  • Movie
  • Apps
  • Game
  • Setting

Video chat Smooth communication

Build-in 2 million pixels camera and and noise-reduction microphone.
It supports clear voice input within certain limits.
Support popular chat tools such as QQ, Skype etc.

HD theatre for the biggest entertainment.

Build-in hot browsers and support HTML5.
It allows to watch live and recorded broadcast TV programs and online terminal video server such as Netflix, youtube, huluplus and HBO etc

Enjoy freely your games.

Have fun together with family members to play hot games on big TV screen.

  • Farm Frenzy2
  • Tint Thief
  • Dinosaur War
  • Shoot The Birds
  • banzai surfer

Wifi hotspot easy connection

Build-in three network connections: wired network, wi-fi, broadband dial-up.
When access to set up network, it is “wired network” by default.
EZTV will obtain IP address automatically and display “wired network connected” at the screen bottom.
Wi-Fi and broadband dial up just needs to input user account and password..

Limitless apps to meet your needs

Excellent apps make easyROM stronger. Users can find the right apps for games, taking pictures, chat and work.
Support to download thousands apps and games.
One key to install very easily.

Setting for apps tool

Very easy to set network, image, apps, system and language.

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